Q: When talking about “energy healing,” you say that consciousness does not “travel” because it does not exist in “space.” I agree. But you fall short of saying that consciousness is all that is. Doesn’t healing happen when we we bring another into our field of conscious awareness as if they are part of us? intenti

I don’t think healing is about meaning—which implies conscious intention or participation. Even though I accept that intention is very important, I also feel that someone like Jesus cured without any intention or meaning. He was just vibrating so high that people’s energy field changed frequency. I have met teachers like this. They are so high frequency that they alter reality for others. I recommend the books by Itzhak  Bentov about this.

CdeQ: You have made some very interesting points here that I want to address. First, while I acknowledge it is a widely held belief, I do not agree that “consciousness is all.” I hold that both consciousness and energy are real, and that they always go together (see Radical Nature). Consciousness is the ability to know (to be aware) and to choose (to create intentions). But it is not enough just to “know” or to have “intentions.” We also need to act in order to manifest or realize intentions (this applies to God or the Creative Ultimate, too). And action is energy. Without action or energy, nothing would ever happen despite the best intentions.

So we (the universe) need both. We need consciousness to know and to choose, and we need the embodiment of energy to make things happen.

I’m inviting you (all of us) to pay closer attention to language, and to see if the words we use actually express what it is we wish to communicate. For example, you talk of healing as bringing others into our “field of conscious awareness as if they are part of us.” While I agree with the general idea, I think using the word “field” is misleading. Fields exist in and are spread out through space. Fields are made of energy, not consciousness. Consciousness is what knows (or is aware of) fields of energy, and consciousness chooses to direct the flow of energy.

When you talk of healing as “fields” or “vibrations” you are using “energy talk,” which is appropriate for physics, but not for consciousness. Consciousness doesn’t “vibrate,” because in order to vibrate something needs to exist in space—like a field. (Vibrations are movements in space.) But consciousness does not exist in space. It is non-located.


High Vibrations

Your point about Jesus is interesting, too. Yes, it is quite plausible that Jesus healed (at least sometimes) without any specific intention—because, as you say, “he was just vibrating so high that people’s energy field changed frequency.” That, indeed, would be a good example of “energy healing”—where Jesus’ body (his subtle energy) was vibrating at a high frequency.

However, keep in mind: (a) It is quite likely that the frequency level of a person’s body is in response to the state of consciousness of that person. And (b) even if energy healing through vibrational resonance is happening, it would not account for instantaneous distant healing—which is what this blog is discussing. I do think that the effective component in distant healing is meaning (i.e., participatory shared experience).

Distant healing (sometimes referred to as “non-local” healing) cannot be explained as a transmission of energy—no matter how high the vibration. My good friend Dr. Larry Dossey has made the same point. As I noted in my blog: When distant healing is involved, something else is going on besides energy exchanges.

And that “something else,” I’m saying, is consciousness. It’s a sharing of meaning, not mechanism (transmission of energy through space).

When you say you have met people with “high frequency” or “high vibration,” you are using energy talk. This is fine if you are referring to their bodies. But if you use the same language to refer to a person’s consciousness, that’s “physics envy.” You would be using the language of physics to talk about something that is not physical (i.e., consciousness).

I suspect what you really mean is that you have met people whose presence is charismatic, peaceful, and healing. I have, too. Given a higher state of consciousness, it is quite possible that their bodies also emanate or radiate some kind of higher vibrational energy. But let’s not confuse higher vibrations of energy (bodies) with higher states of consciousness. When distant healing occurs instantaneously, we know that nothing “vibrational” is responsible because the fastest anything can travel through space is the speed of light. But, as I have explained, distance is irrelevant to consciousness. People separated by continents (even by galaxies), however, could instantly participate in sharing the same meaning “heal” or “be whole.”


I’m very familiar with Itzhak Bentov‘s books (and have enjoyed them very much). However, he too uses energy talk to describe consciousness. Only physical objects (energy) vibrate; and consciousness is not a physical object. I’m inviting us to get beyond the “physics envy” of energy talk, and instead use the already very rich vocabulary we have for “mind talk.” I know this is a stretch for some (perhaps many) people—our culture has so conditioned us to treat the physical world as the only real world.

As a result, people who know that consciousness is real and potent look for ways to talk about it that “sound” scientific, and they default to energy talk. But my point is: We don’t have to default to energy talk. We can give up “physics envy” and instead honor consciousness for what it is—a reality beyond physics.

No amount of vibrations can account for the fact that sentient beings exist that know and can choose. By themselves, vibrations or frequencies are just measures of physical movements. But consciousness is not physical and cannot be measured. It has a completely different kind of existence from objects that exist in space—no matter how high they vibrate. Consciousness is the subject that knows and chooses—subjectivity is the key characteristic of consciousness. If you are interested, you will find a detailed discussion in my books Radical Nature and Radical Knowing, as well as in my new book Consciousness from Zombies to Angels.