Q: For most of us, including me, awareness doesn’t start at “is-ness.”  Like millions of others, I drive to work every day, I buy food at the grocery store, and I still get mad, frustrated and depressed like everyone else.  The hardest part of this journey isn’t “getting there” (not that it’s easy)—it is “staying there.” How do we turn enlightenment into a “steady state”?

CdeQ: I don’t know if that’s possible.  As long as we have egos that think, we will interpret our experiences, create beliefs, and spin out stories as if they were real, in the privacy of our minds.

The “trick” is to recognize our “stories” as soon as we create them, acknowledge them, then, just as quickly, let them go. It’s a life-long, never-ending practice.

However, with persistent practice, we can train ourselves to develop a more intimate and compassionate relationship with our egoic, thinking, story-making minds, without identifying with them. We can learn to shift the “locus” of our identity, so that we become less and less activated by our stories. We don’t have to live out our stories. We don’t have to believe our beliefs!

In short, we can learn to live more and more as the “Witness” (Creator or Source) of our stories.

Then, like watching a dramatic movie, we can enjoy our marvelous, god-given story-making for the imaginative fabrication it truly is.

We don’t have to—we can’t—give up making stories, it’s what our minds evolved to do, and they do that job really well.  We can, however, learn to simply enjoy them from the front-row seat of the Witness (or better, staying with the movie metaphor, as the Projectionist).

Enjoy the show!