Imagine you are sitting with your grandchildren and telling them about your life. Or, imagine you are telling your life story to your favorite, most compassionate, therapist; or imagine you have just received a mysterious email from some alien intelligence beyond Earth, and they want to know about you and your life.  What would you tell them?

Who are you? What does it mean to be a human being?  Where did you come from?
What is the purpose and meaning of your life?
When it’s all over, what will happen to you, where will you

The way we answer these questions decides the meaning we give to our lives.

Stories reveal how things came to be the way they are.  They tell of beginnings, and of middles, and, if they don’t always have endings, they point, and leave the way open.

The story that is your life impacts everything you do and dream. Connecting with your story is the first step on the path to transforming yourself and your world.  Writing your Personal Myth reveals who you are and how you came to be.

The most effective and empowering way to create change in the world is through self-transformation.  The Key: Express your deepest self through the power of story and realize who you are beyond your story.

Begin by creating your LifeLine. On a large sheet of paper, draw a long line from left to right, and then mark out the most significant events in your life—e.g., birth, first love, college, first job, marriage, major illness, divorce, job loss, death of a loved one, your own death . . .

“My own death?” you ask.  Yes.  This is your LifeLine—take it to the limit. Create the whole picture. “But I don’t know what my future will be,” you say.  True. But you do have a say in what your future will be. Creating your LifeLine and Personal Myth is an act of imagination. Don’t get entangled in the so-called “facts” of your life.

Retelling the story of your past, how you got to be where you are today, is just as much an act of imagination as envisioning your future. Memory is imagination focused on the past. Intention is imagination focused on the future. What matters is authenticity—being true to your own sense of self and what is real for you.

As you create your LifeLine, note dates, people, and places.

Your LifeLine is a graphical representation of your life from birth to death.  Now use your LifeLine to start writing out your story as though you were telling your most trusted friend or therapist. Be ruthlessly honest. Be authentic (if you feel inauthentic, then be authentic about that).

Yes, each of us has a story to tell—and our stories can empower or limit us.  We live our stories and they shape what we believe about ourselves and about the world.

LifeLines to Transformation—Beyond the Power of Story is a seven-step program offering a unique “Timeline to Transformation” . . .

  • Discover the creative and universal ‘Power of Story
  • Create your ‘Personal Myth’ as your ‘Lifeline to Transformation’
  • Reveal the patterns or ‘archetypes’ that guide your story and your life
  • Identify your ‘Strange Attractors
  • Learn to experience life ‘Beyond Belief
  • Discover ways to connect ‘Self and Spirit
  • Create your life through clear intention and empowered action.

By activating your creative energy and vision you can accelerate and expand your transformational impact on the world.

Download free guidelines for creating your LifeLine and Personal Myth at The Wisdom Academy.